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Booking Policy & Procedures

Vision & Mission: 

The vision of 500 Stephen Community Centre is to be recognized as a hub where anyone from the community can come for connection, resources, and support.  

We will do this by:

- Partnering and collaborating with community organizations.

- Fostering and delivering key programs for the benefit of the community.

- Providing resources, advocacy, and space for non-profit organizations and community groups.

- Connecting individuals with supports.


Eligibility will be decided at the discretion of the Executive Director according to definitions.  Priority will be given to Non-profit Organizations and community events that positively contribute to the betterment of the entire community, and that is free and available to all members of the community.  

Booking Requirements:

New groups using the facility for the first time, will only be able to book space upon approval of the Executive Director according to group definitions and should be discussed with the Executive Director a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.  

There will be no last minute bookings unless otherwise noted in the group definition section.  

Duration of Bookings:  

Bookings are in incrementals of 4 hour shifts.  Any group that will be charged a facility fee, will be grouped by 4 hrs even if the group uses less than 4 hours.

500 Stephen has the right to cancel any bookings or rentals within 48 hour notice at the discretion of the Executive Director and/or the Board for any reason.  

Fees and Charges: 

A fee structure is in place which may vary based on the nature of the organization or event at the discretion of the Executive Director according to the group definitions section.  

Non-profit organizations and some community-based events may be eligible for discounted rates.  

Cancellation Policy: 

Cancellations must be clearly communicated within 3 days prior to booking.

Failure to provide adequate notice may result in payment of the booking fee plus cleaning fee.  

Procedure to Booking: 

Submissions will be submitted through website or in-person. 

  • In-person: Must print off a form for completion

  • For non-profit Organizations, connections can be made in person and once organization information has been verified, staff can use the booking system online.

Once submission is approved, they will be able to book space.  We do not guarantee rental space even if the request has been approved.  Our non-profit groups have 1st priority.  

Facility Use Guidelines: 

All users are expected to adhere to 500 Stephen’s rules and regulations during their booking.  Any damage to the facility or equipment must be reported immediately, and the responsible party may be held financially liable. 

Organizer of the event will agree: 

  • That the nature of the activity planned to take place at 500 Stephen will not compromise or conflict with the mission or vision of 500 Stephen Community Centre.  500 Stephen reserves the right to refuse rentals that we feel do not align with our mission.

  • To abide by all City of Morden Bylaws as well as all Provincial and Federal laws while using the facilities.

  • The activities will not interfere with any other activity which is simultaneously taking place at the facility.

  • Organizer is responsible for providing their own coffee, coffee extras, and food for their event.  

  • To abide by, and to enforce among it’s guests, employees, and patrons the following conditions: 

    • No smoking or alcohol in the facility.

    • Only to use areas and equipment which are specified on rental agreement form.

    • To follow all Space rules including the supervision of children.  Failure to follow rules will result in a $50 broken toy/clean up charge.

    • Adequate staffing/supervision is the responsibility of the organizer, with attention given to control a safe environment.  Training to maintain a safe space will be provided to staff/volunteers by the organizer.  

    • All organizers would be able to provide a criminal record and vulnerable person check if requested.  

    • No alterations will be made to the premises, equipment or furnishings. 

    • Decorations: 

    • Decorations should not compromise or conflict with the vision or mission of 500 Stephen.  

    • No Confetti (including bubbles, flower petals, foil hearts, etc) inside or around the building.

    • Decorations should not be permanently fixed to any furniture including walls or ceilings and should not be pinned, taped or otherwise affixed to walls, ceilings, windows, or tables. 

    • Use of Candles is prohibited.  

    • All decorations must be cleaned up after booking and cannot be stored in the facility prior or after the event. 

    • Prior to leaving the building, the organizer must ensure the following list is completed.  Failure to do so could result in a $50 clean up charge to the Organizer.

      • Removal of their trash to the outside dumpsters

      • All tables and chairs are wiped down, including any counter space.

      • All dishes used are placed in the dishwasher and the dishwasher has been started. 

      • All spaces used will be vacuumed and left in a tidy order (including toys put away, chairs stacked or pushed under tables).  

      • The Renter will ensure that upon vacating the property, if they are the last to use the facilities, all lights are turned off, including restroom, all doors are closed and locked, and a check has been done to ensure that no one has been left in the building.

      • The organizer is responsible for ensuring all lights are turned off, doors are closed and locked, and a check is done to ensure no one is left in the building upon vacating the property.

        • If the door does not lock, the organizer can notify the Executive Director by calling the Centre’s cell phone (431-774-5500) and leave the premises. 

Review and Revision: 

This policy will be reviewed periodically, and revisions may be made to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. 

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