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Our Vision

This new Community Center Project will offer a central location of shared resources and space that will greatly enhance what our existing local organizations can offer!​

Our Mission

We will do this by: 

- Partnering and collaborating with community organizations.

- Fostering and delivering key programs for the benefit of the community. 

- Providing resources, advocacy, and space for non-profit organizations and community groups. 

- Connecting individuals with supports.

Our Story

Having a Community Resource Center in Morden had been a perceived need for quite some time, with groundwork having been laid collectively by a number of community groups.

Westside Community Church came forward to kickstart this project, securing and funding a two-year lease on 500 Stephen Street, starting August 1 2021.  A task force was created with the future intent of transitioning to an independent, community- based board with an Executive Director.  This new board is responsible for securing financial stability and implementing a new vision for our centre. 

​After surveying our local non-profits, there were more than 20 organizations that felt this space would be helpful in the expansion and diversification of their programming.  Since we opened our doors, we have grown substantially with over 40 non-profits who use our facility and 6 organizations who call our building their home base offices. 


See our Wall of Support for information on how we run.   


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